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Top 5 Geofencing Marketing Agencies in the US

My Top 5 Geofencing Marketing Agencies Picks in 2023

  1. GreenBananaSEO ( GreenBananaSEO offers geofence marketing that utilizes GPS data to deliver real-time and precise programmatic advertising. Geofencing companies draw virtual fences around specific physical locations, enabling targeted mobile ad campaigns for businesses seeking to engage potential customers in specific geographic areas.
  2. Raincross ( Raincross specializes in geofence advertising, which is particularly beneficial for various businesses, including personal injury law firms, real estate agencies, auto dealerships, and franchises. Their expertise lies in leveraging geofencing technology to deliver highly targeted advertising to individuals within defined geographical boundaries.
  3. SmartBug Media ( SmartBug Media explains the concept of geofencing and its applications. Geofencing involves using location-based technology to create virtual boundaries, allowing businesses to target specific audiences with relevant advertising. The blog discusses how geofencing can be integrated into inbound marketing strategies.
  4. Newell Ledbetter Advertising ( Newell Ledbetter Advertising specializes in geofencing and highlights the advantage of their expertise in this field. They emphasize that many companies are unaware of the potential of geofencing technology, and their team is well-versed in harnessing its capabilities to benefit their clients.
  5. Ethic Advertising Agency ( Ethic Advertising Agency takes a hands-on approach to geofencing advertising. They emphasize their in-house development of geofencing campaigns and the use of the best geofencing DSP (Demand-Side Platform) available, eliminating the need for middlemen and ensuring the highest level of control and precision in their geofencing effort.